Crime Stories

Andalusia Trilogy

The crime novels of my Andalusia trilogy represent concluded stories and canbe read independently from each other. However, since the volumes build on one another it is advised to follow the order.

Volume 1: Pata Negra                                    Volume 2: Die schwarze Finca                      Volume 3: Im Schatten der Alhambra

Press Reviews

"Freundlinger's novels represent thrilling literature of the finest. His stories are neither bloodthirsty nor brutal, but tie the reader with a subtle tension, which captures him with bated breath until the end. Eduard Freundlinger knows how to surprise the readers anew all the time and to picture the characters as well as the statues of Andalusia visually and vividly." SUR German Edition, May 28, 2015

"A genuine crime thriller starring an unorthodox detective!" Bild, Germany, July 14, 2015

"The ideal reading over one's beach holidays!" Bunte, German magazine, October 15, 2015

"Freundlinger succeeds in creating a spectacular Andalusia novel starring markedly unorthodoxcharacters" Augsburger Allgemeine, German

"An absolute stroke of genius which really makes you want more.", april 28,2015

"Eduard Freundlinger understands masterly to wrap the storylines into a clew of strings and subsequently untangle it again, whilst keeping the reader in bated breath, seasoning the action finely dosed with subtropical ambience and unobtrusively but unerringly capture the Andalusian mentality." Rolf Neuhaus, F.A.Z. (German newspaper) author

"An exiting and funny crime novel seasoned with a pinch of romance in front of the fantastic scenery of Andalusia. And even the final resolution culminates in a thunderbolt!" Elke Heid-Paulus, Krimiiosk

"Pata Negra represents a crime story which needs to be read til the end - atmospheric, full of suspense, exceptional!" Christian Clerici, TV presenter and author

E-Book Edition
E-Book Edition