How I went astray not to fall by the wayside

Readers' Opinion: A book that one never forgets. There are books, which one might have read already, but would NEVER pass on, which one would have sit on the bedside cabinet and recommend to everyone with joy. This book clearly belongs to them. I feel like having walked along, it was an adventure whilst reading, moving, deep, personal, encouraging to think, disentangling. Many thanks for this formative read.

Readers' Opinion: I know so many books on the St. James' Way! But I cannot quite recall by what time I was that riveted that I had to read it in one go. A thrilling book which makes you think and causes to laugh. I would highly recommend it.

Readers' Opinion: This has not been the first book on the St. James' Way I read. But by far the best! It very much touched me as the author not only seasoned it with pleasant humor but also allows the reader every now and then to have a deep insight into his soul. A book written with a lot of honesty which does not only cover the 'camino' but takes the reader on a journey into Eduard Freundlinger's diversified and interesting life. A 'must' for everyone who keeps thinking about his life's deeper sense. Absolutely recommendable!

How I went astray not to fall by the wayside

Jacket Blurb

To be alone with yourself for once, to free your mind, to throw off private and professional ballast. These are the reasons triggering thousands of pilgrims onto the St. James' Way each year. And so it happens to Eduard Freundlinger, when he - after a fateful encounter - spontaneously heads out to walk an 800 kilometer distance - untrained and packed with quite a sense of humor. What starts off to be a rather tiresome escape from day-to-day worries and problems, step by step heading for Santiago de Compostela turns into a process towards a happier and more satisfied life.

In an appealing way Freundlinger thoughtfully reports on fascinating encounters, bizarre events and experiences and strange episodes from his rather adventurous biography. Genuinely as well as authentically he lets the reader share in his conversion to become 'Pilgrim Brother Eduard'. A profound novel on dark moments and enlightening recognitions, on love and happiness, dreams and changes, and about the weathered signposts of life. A book like a wise friend, which would encourage in a touching as well as humoresque way to think and reflect and of which at the end of that stimulating read you feel having to say goodbye.

Publisher: Allitera Munich - 296 Pages Price (D) Soft Cover 14,90 Euro - Ebook 4,99 Euro